Food Businesses

Put real food on the table.

Showcase Brisbane’s true regional flavours by choosing ecologically-grown produce sourced within a 400 KM radius.

“What’s the point of living somewhere, if you don’t eat from there? – Rob Pekin, Food Connect co-founder and CiEiO

Food Connect is the real deal. Our strong network of passionate farmers and makers share our same dedication to outstanding quality and service. We value authentic relationships based on trust and respect and we deal directly with each farmer.

  • Fresh, seasonal, local produce – If it isn’t being grown within 400 km from Brisbane at the time you order, we won’t sell it. This means better taste, more nutrients and produce that is always fresh, as opposed to sitting in cold storage rooms for weeks or months.
  • Peace of mind – when you source from us, you can confidently promise your customers that the food they’ll eat is local, seasonal and ecologically grown – for real.
  • Give farmers a fair go – we pay our farmers a fair price. Every dollar you spend with Food Connect contributes to building a stronger local economy.
  • Strong brand recognition – we are widely recognised across South East Queensland for the superior quality produce we supply and for our leading role in working towards a fairer food system.

Your menu can make a real difference for your local farmers, your customers and your business. Get in touch to find out more.